Your Child’s First Visit

1. Infants

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Your baby may not have many teeth yet, but it’s important to start them on a path to good oral health. It’s recommended that children have their first dental visit by their first birthday. It’s important for little ones to be examined, and for parents to learn the most effective cleaning techniques.

2. Kids

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Good oral hygiene is necessary to your child’s oral health. Routine professional dental cleanings for kids should begin by age three, and should continue throughout your child’s life. Dental cleanings ensure that your child’s baby teeth are healthy and protect your child against gum disease.

3. Teens

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Most children will have all of their adult teeth by the time they hit age 13. It’s imperative that during this time we monitor the growth and development of those permanent teeth. Adolescents also have increased risk for cavities, gum disease, tobacco use, and sports-related injuries.

Emergency Treatment

Let Dr. Dave and his trusted team help your child, teen, or young adult in their time of need. In case of an emergency, contact our office right away.

Children’s Dentistry


Dr. Dave and his staff will help educate your child or teen using models, computer technology, and child-friendly terminology, while highlighting the importance of keeping teeth strong and healthy. In addition, we will work with you and your child or teen on disease prevention, trauma prevention, good eating habits, and all other aspects of home hygiene routines. If you and your family stay armed with the necessary information, maintaining a healthy smile will be much easier.

Monitoring Growth

By continuously tracking growth and development, we are able to anticipate dental issues early on and quickly intervene before they become a serious issue. Also, working towards earlier corrective treatment preserves your child’s self-esteem and helps create a more positive self-image. It is never too early for preventative dentistry. Visiting the dentist early and often throughout your child’s formative years is imperative and will help significantly in their future.


Helping parents and children establish proper eating and oral care habits limits the chances of tooth decay as time goes on. In addition to providing check ups and dental cleanings, Dr. Dave and his staff of experts are also able to apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to young teeth, advise parents on thumb-sucking/pacifier/smoking cessation, and provide good demonstrations of brushing and flossing. Much of dental care and prevention is done at home, but we will help prepare your kids for stretches between visits.


We see plenty of kids and teens with outstanding oral hygiene habits. However in some cases, we may discuss the possibility of early oral treatments with parents. In the case of oral injury, malocclusion (bad bite), or bruxism (grinding), space maintainers may be fitted, a nighttime mouth guard may be recommended, or reconstructive surgery may be scheduled. We will take the proper precautions to ensure a bright and healthy dental future for your child.

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